Fire - An 'Element' for concern?

When early man first discovered fire, somewhere out there on the plains, he soon discovered that it also had many useful purposes. When hunted kills were placed inside the hot orange flame the meat tasted better. Certain rocks melted into a shiny grey substance that could be beaten into a variety of shapes forming spearheads & knives

And most importantly….

Predators and Enemies were afraid of it. These circumstances were undoubtedly a key element in mans long struggle to the top of the food chain

Today - although we have more or less mastered the art of creating fire we still tend to have a problem with it's control in our environment. This, in essence, this is why we need a governance in our everyday lives, so that we can institute some level of control of this beneficial but unpredictable phenomena


SAFETY – Your first consideration / EVACUATION Your first priority

About the author

The Managing Director of Firefront Australia