Planning For Emergencies

Designing your Disaster Management Plan

Emergency Planning Committee

AS3745 - Planning for Emergencies in facilities

You must have in place;

  • An Emergency Plan ......  in readiness to deal with any emergency be it; Fire, Civil, Flood, Threats or other events

  • Emergency Response Procedures ...... Ready to react to an unplanned event that has the likelihood to cause harm

  • An Emergency Planning Committee ...... Formulated and in place ready to deal with emergencies

  • An Emergency Control Organisation ...... These are your Wardens and Safety / First Aid Officers

  • An Emergency Procedures Manual ...... Drawn up to tie all of the above together and document your procedures

AS3745 & AS4083 are very clear on the requirements for a facility to have in place

Prevention of emergencies and workplace incidents

We can visit and discuss;

  • Putting together your Emergency Plan

  • Formulating your Emergency Response Procedures and putting them into practice

  • Your requirements to put together an Emergency Planning Committee

  • Establishing your Warden hierarchy responsible to the Emergency Control Organisation

  • The formulation of an Emergency Procedures Manual which we will produce for you

It can all sound pretty daunting! - Call us and we can discuss your compliance in confidence