Fire Safety Statements

Companies have a legal obligation, Environmental Planning & Assessment Act 1979 (EP&A), and EP&A Regs. 2000 to complete and sign an Annual Fire Safety Statement saying that all Fire Safety Measures in their buildings comply with their legal requirement. Copies of the statement of compliance must be sent to the Commissioner of the NSW Fire Brigades and the Local Council. A further copy must then be hung in the reception area of the building.

The Assessor/Inspector that you choose to carry out this audit must be a recognised ‘Competent Fire Safety Practitioner (CFSP)’ as Registered on the FPAS Accreditation scheme run by the Fire Protection Association Australia (FPAA).

Fire Safety Certificates

As Competent Fire Safety Practitioners (CFSP), we can complete the Final Certificate for you to issue to Council, which then allows them to release the Occupation Certificate, and also help you with the issue of a Supplementary Fire Safety Statement or Interim Fire Safety Certificate, as required. We do the preparation, all it then requires is your submission.

As a CFSP we check to ensure that each essential fire safety measure specified in the statement has been assessed by a properly qualified person and capable of performing to a standard no less than that specified in the schedule, or to the standard that it was designed to operate.




AS3745 & AS4083

​Evacuation Plans

  • Orientated to your location

  • A3 or A4

  • Designated Exits

  • Comms. equipment

  • Fire-fighting equipment

  • Refuges

  • Validity date

  • Assembly area

  • Legend

Fire Evacuation Plans

May need to be updated, or replaced. We can advise you on compliance.


Evacuation Diagrams

"Evacuation diagrams that provide emergency and evacuation information shall be displayed in all facilities....AS3745".

Fire Evacuation Plans

We can draw up your Fire Evacuation plans from existing 'As built' drawings or create them from scratch.